About Guests


Guy Hamilton-Smith is a 2019 JustLeadershipUSA fellow, civil rights activist, and a writer. Most recently, he was the legal fellow at the Sex Offense [...]

Marlon J. Chamberlain

Marlon J. Chamberlain is an advocate for people directly impacted by the justice system. Marlon brings over 20 years of lived and professional [...]

John McCann

John McCann brings to nearly two decades of mainstream journalism experience that he topped off with several years of coordinating public relations [...]

Artie Gonz

Artie Gonzales is the creative who almost never was. A juvenile-tried-as-an-adult at the age of 16, he spent 21-years of a Life [...]

Brian Koehn

Brian Koehn Brian Koehn formed Social Profit Corrections, receiving certification from the IRS as a 501.c.3 He has over 28 years of [...]

Dialo Orr

Dialo Orr Dialo Orr has been incarcerated for 25 years on a 100+ year sentence. His journey from angry and lost, to [...]

Jean Delonget

Jean Delonget Jean Delonget has achieved numerous things while serving a 26 year sentence in the Wisconsin prison system for robbing someone [...]

Roy Rogers

Roy Rogers After serving 28 years of prison as a juvenile lifer, Roy Rogers now serves his community as an advocate and [...]

Scott Budnick

Scott Budnick Scott Budnick is an American film producer, Founder of the Anti-Recidivism Coalition (ARC), and is currently CEO of One Community, [...]

Darren Wheelock

Dr. Darren Wheelock Dr. Darren Wheelock is an associate professor of Criminology and Law Studies in the Department of Social and Cultural [...]

Daniel K. Forkkio

Daniel K. Forkkio Daniel K. Forkkio is the Chief Executive Officer of Represent Justice. As a career nonprofit executive with over fourteen [...]

Carmen M. Pitre

Carmen M. Pitre President & CEO Sojourner Milwaukee, Wisconsin Carmen Pitre is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Sojourner, Wisconsin’s [...]

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